Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Electric Water Dreams

In the psychic world it is believed that we plan our life experiences in great detail before we arrive on planet earth... (Or where ever you decide to travel for your next lifetime for that matter..) What people refer to as premonitions they saw in a dream... or deja vu is not actually connected to an event that already occured, but rather a memory you are connecting with of the plan you made for yourself concerning your current life journey. Moments of this nature are considered a sign that you are exactly where you are meant to be... A confirmation of being on the right track.
When it comes to dreaming, there are many different types of dreams. They pretty much all work in some way to help us deal with and make sense of our lives.

There are 2 dreams I have remembered this year worth mentioning.
The kind of dreams I am referring to here are...

When we are awake, we associate this with being who we are. It is the part of us in charge of all the decision making we do in the day. It is who think we are as an awake human. But in a dream state, our waking consciousness is normally turned off, so all the important faculties such as analytical abilities, logic and questioning tend to be dormant. But in a lucid dream, you literally move from physical reality into one of pure mental existence. You have full mental faculties as you would if you were awake. Learning can be conducted, you can experiment with your thoughts and beliefs. Here you can create music, art, or whatever it is that is important to your own personal development.

The show I am currently involved with formulating came out of a Lucid Dream.
Here it is....

Dream #1
March 11 2006... Saturday morning after about 10 hours of sleep, I woke up with a vivid dream recollection of an instasllation I had created in the MAEP Gallery. I grabbed my journal quickly before it faded away and made a very simple sketch of the key elements.
It was a house frame filled with light, a water fountain, long green grass and Monarch Butterflies. It was the most beautiful place... Very calm centered and clear.... The sketch does no justice to the actual vision of coarse... but it does help me remember what it looked and felt like.
At the time I was working long hours and finishing school so I tossed it aside and put it in the back of my mind... When I got back around to it I took it kind of literally... when I went to the State Fair I visited the butterfly house and began to research what it would take to get the butterflies I needed for the show... Now after a lot of work formulating the basic structure and concepts... I am seeing the metaphorical connections... The butterflies were really symbolic of life, and in my work, that energy is represented with light... The other details will come together as I continue to refine my ideas.

Last weekend I woke from an equally Lucid dream about
mapping out the future direction of my work...

Dream #2
In the dream I was preparing for a grant competition...
I was collecting all of the pieces I nedded to show my work to the judges...
Then I woke up with the outline of the list still fresh in my mind....
The actual buckets and electrical equipment, unfortunately I was not able to bring back with me!!


1. Static, Ground level Electricity, Earthbound Energy
2. Floating Electricity, Suspended Energy
3. Submerged Electrical Current, Below the surface, Buried energy

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Jennifer said...

Mary Ann- I admire your focus... I feel like I am just scattered these days. I am trying to write more down, but my thoughts don't seem to have the focus or continuity that yours do... how do you do it? I'm guessing you're just on the right path and can't NOT do it.

This post about dreams and premonitions reminded me of what my grandmother told me about my great grandfather. About a week before he was killed, he dreamed that he was being chased by some large metal monster that was making a horrible noise. A week later he was run over by a train as he was trying to get his horses off the track...