Sunday, November 05, 2006



Somewhere twords the middle of the week, before I got very far into my research project.... These 8 concepts spilled out onto the page, pretty much as fast as I could write to keep up with my thoughts. Much the same way my BLUEPRINT images appear when I draw.

1. There is no differentiation between matter and energy that exists, it is only in our perception that we create an understanding of our environment.
2. There is nothing in the universe known or unknown that is not moving.
3. There is no entity of any apparent form or what may be percieved as formless... (which actually is not, if you could zoom out far enough you would see... But you can't because we exist within it... anyway...) ...That is not directly connected to another entity.
4. When it comes to Planet Earth... Water and Electricity are the primary vehicles whos' operation is motion.
5. Our perception alone defines our reality, The Consciousness: The thinking and reasoning and searching mind are not dependent on the human body to exist.
6. The bodys' mind (as defined by science) is ultimately a filter which blocks access to our infinite knowledge sending through only the information necessary for the journey we have set out to explore in each specific life that we live.
7. Light particles are the same as body tissue only on a different point in the spectrum of density.
8. All of existence is made up of the same etheral force, with varying parameters and densities.

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