Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Worlds First Raining Umbrella

Photo: David (Vid) Gullickson
The Worlds First Raining Umbrella was created in 1983... Constructed with rusted tin cans bolted together in an umbrella frame covered in bare copper wire. The bucket below is filled with lightbulbs under water. To use the piece simply dip into the electrically charged water with the small buket to fill it, then fill the umbrella... it will rain because the cans have holes in the bottom of each can... it has been featured in several exhibitions in various capacities... including a solo show @ Neo Newavo... 1983 Walker Art Center Film/Video installation: de facto(ry) films Curated by Craig Baldwin with assistance of the Walkers Teen Arts Council @ The Soap Factory...2000 & Art-a- Whirl 2004

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