Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Today is officially the .... (Drumroll please...) The Begining of a Great Adventure... (I'm hearing a Lou Reed song in my head now... see what a good drum roll can do..) Anyway.... Really... In all the time it took me to crystalize my thoughts into one awesomely expressive silent vision..... A perfectly calm and centered moment in time... which would be my vision of the Electric Water House as a 10'x12' base filled with 17 gallon round galvanized steel washtubs filled with water, river rocks and lightbulbs... All surounded by the frame of a house wrapped in bare copper wire and flourescent bulbs powered by transformers... Which would have made a great Sculpture/installation alone... But today, I have launched into hyperspace.... where there is an awesomely intense creative explosion happening that has to have its own way... So essentially... I found the center of the tornado, and now I am willing to allow myself to embrace the tornado itself, with arms wide open.... ELECTRIC_WATER_WORLD is that tornado... The work that results from it will be the show.

HERE IS A LIST of some of the things that are happening with the...

Setting up Electric Water Studio workshop
Assembling various electrical inventions for use in a
Performance Art series in the New Electric Water House
Invitations to performances will be posted here...
Many lightbulbs will be collected
Many Lightbulbs will be destroyed
Many lightbulbs being destroyed will be imortalized
I am feeling a little like Dr. Frankenstein right now.

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laura said...

I'm feeling tingles--lots of tingles--as if my hair is standing in end...about to get struck by lightning.
This is a terrific project!
Can I be your hunch-backed assistant who says,"Walk this way?" I'm hearing Aerosmith in my head...
Also I know CPR and first aid! I could wear a foam rubber dress...