Thursday, January 11, 2007

Most of my research lately has been in tracking down suppliers for materials and reality checking what kind of money I am going to need to come up with to produce not only the current series of sculptures I am creating this year, but also for the next phase of development I will focus on from here. Visions are developing in the formation of both series simultaneously...
Some of the things I am looking at...
Antique Boat Anchor $ shipping..... I think I'll wait on that one for a while... I can probably find one myself closer to home... It would definately be more fun to take a road trip than pay shipping on something that weighs a ton...
1000 ft. spools of bare copper wire $120
15,000 volt Transformers $100-$150
Galvanized steel farm Trough $150-$200
Galvanized steel round washtubs $15-$20
Generators $500-$1000
Substation Fencing...cost unknown
Picket Fencing...cost unknown
Assorted cords, bulbs & sockets $5-$50
Wooden Boat $2000-$4000
Although much of the need for these items is projected over the next few years... The current series of sculptures I am creating is adding up pretty fast too... the first in a series of 3 pieces... is coming in around $500.
Hopefully it will be a good tax return year.... This is the first time in 8 years I have actually had to wait for W-2 forms... or had a job that actually elevated me to poverty level... as a cab driver. student & starving artist extrordinaire...I pretty well knew what to expect... Holding my breath??? Not really... My cards in Chinese Astrology came up with the power of universal clearly I have nothing to worry about... Only to have the vision and make sure that each step I take is pointed in that direction... The rest I am pretty sure has already been taken care of...
Other recent research....
Writing A fellowship proposal
Bas Jan Ader... Performance Artist who disapered at sea during a performance piece "In Search of the Miraculous" 1975
Linda Montano & Tehching Hsieh The two were tied together with a rope for one year ...One of my favorite Life/Art pieces.

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