Friday, January 05, 2007

This is just one little handfull of what my studio space looks like today... The rest is pretty much a jam packed bunch of everything from books paintings & drawings to family heirlooms and basically anything I ever wanted to keep for whatever magnetic attractional hold it had on me... It is pretty much the only place in the house that is mine that nobody else wants anything to do with... And it is small... If I had to guess I would say maybe 12 x 15 feet.. one closet 3 feet wide and a foot and a half deep. This is where the Electric Water Studio home base of operations is being constucted... I am shooting for Feb 1st to be completely renovated... From there it's out to the back yard... Which for a house in the city I am fortunate to have a double lot, and also very weather resistent art materials... (Actually they look better weathered...) Since really I have no groovy little "out buildings in the back 40" to speak of.
I am however all about doing what I can and not talking about what I can't do... Eternally optomistic. Alice Neel had her studio in the kitchen... Maybe I need a studio sub-station next to the microwave...
I finally got the nerve up to talk to the maintenance supervisor at work about collecting burned out lightbulbs... Turns out they already have hundreds of flourescents saved up that haven't gone out for recycling yet... I can have all I want.. In fact someone from maintenance is on the way up here now to take me over to the electrical room!! This job just gets better all the time... I thought a complete graphics set up and a minimal workload were pretty good... and now an electrical room??? My car will be full to the ceiling with lightbulbs on the way home today,..

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