Sunday, April 22, 2007

Broken Dreams

The first house in the Electric Water World series is the House of Broken Dreams. In it you will find an upside down ironing board, Mothers, daughters, sand, mud, a window you can't see out of and a door you can't walk through, water falling through the roof onto the lightbulbs in the mud, bare electrical wires, and... no walls... which I find interesting that it still has the capacity to leave you feeling there is no way out, when clearly we know that the doors and windows are not the way out in the first place... And the absence of walls is irrelevant because everything we know about houses psychologically places them there for us... somehow we know instinctively that we magically have an x-ray view into a place we don't belong.
I believe in beauty. I am deeply optomistic. I find profound beauty in decay, remnants of lifes challenges and hardship. Isolation has been good for me. All of lifes experience whether riches, glamour & the persuit of perfection, or Chaotic troubled lost in the dark hell all carry an unmistakeable impression on our spirits. When the dark clouds part and the sun shines in our hearts, we look for meaning and see the true beauty in our lives and in our world. The house of broken dreams is a reflection on the struggles we pass on from one generation to the next, and the difficulties we face in changing our fate and that of our children.
**This illustration is of the window I am in the process of creating at the moment for the House of Broken Dreams.**

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