Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Summertime is here and life is easy. The dog is lying underneath the tree in the shade and the kids are out of school. The ice cream truck is rolling slowly down the street leaving a trail of music behind in the air. And me... I am walking 8 miles a day, illustrating my creative future visions, reading Icelandic Sagas, collecting my thoughts for a fellowship essay, re-creating my environment (again), planning bar-b-ques, birthday parties and trips to the water park, playing my bass, planting a garden & flowers and carrying on with the creation of the First Electric Water House Sculpture to kick off the First Electric Water World show. (as well as planning on submitting a show proposal to the MAEP on my birthday this year, which incidentally is what inspired the Electric Water World Adventure in the first place.) I believe I may have mentioned recently that everything usually takes longer for me to accomplish than I generally anticipate... Why??? Because I am having so much fun along the way!!!

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Jennifer said...

Your summer sounds great. The 8 miles of walking and illustrating sounds like heaven.

Your mentioning Icelandic Sagas made me think of when I read, "Independent People"... Interesting book that hangs with you for awhile and never fully leaves.