Friday, July 06, 2007

What will the Magic 8 Ball say?

This photo is a beautiful Historical Home in the Icelandic countryside.....

... and this... is it.... my MEME list.... ...8 random facts about myself....
1. 8 is my lucky number. It is the number of the day of the month I was born on.
2. At the age of 4 my brother dumped a glass of cold water over the hot lightbulb in my bedside lamp... obviously this has made a lasting impression on me.
3. In art college for the year end performance art festival I sat in a tree behind the museum with a hammer and a board and heckled museum visitors about their ugly outfits... So the museum guards called the police and said there was a girl in the tree on drugs!! now that wasn't very nice...I was so NOT on drugs!! They sent 5 squad cars and a Fire truck with a hook and ladder to get me down... they even went so far as to take my hammer away.
4. I left art school to play in a punk rock band called Duck Kicking Vulture... we played for 8 years and then started another band called Yanomamos... 12" EP 1988 New Alliance Records "Quizas"
5. I drove a hot pink galaxie XL 500 with a chopped top... and I came home one day to find it was on fire because evidently my boyfriend dropped his cigarette in the trunk.
6. My father sailed out of New York as a Merchant Marine in WW2. He was eventually stationed in Iceland where he met my mother at a dance on base where she was dancing with Fred Astair. They Married and flew back to America... where eventually My brother and I were born... I have since buried my entire childhood family, and my dear Icelandic family is paying a lot of attention to me now which I adore. I think this qualifies me as an Icelandic American Princess.
7. I was a cab driver for 7 years, 5 of which I survived working 55 hours a week while going back to school for graphic design. I simultaneously cared for my family and let my house get really messy. (I know for sure there was at least one powerful angel watching over me because I got an interview and was hired one hour after my last class.)
8. I am always trying to be a better person each day, kind of a process with no particular place to arrive at... doesn't really matter how hard I try... there is always something else I can find to pick on myself about.

As for tagging 8 other Bloggers that we would like to know more about... I actually had to spend the afternoon online trying to find interesting people... this list is pretty random since none of my friends have taken to hosting blog sites...

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Thanks to Jennifer over at Saying Yes for inspiring this post.


Jennifer said...

Thanks MJ! What a great eight. Do you have any photos of your hot pink galaxie?

idyllopus said... killed your boyfriend, right?

For a very short while we possessed a pristine 1960s Dodge Dart. It was wonderful.

Chuckles said...

Yanomamos. That is wild name for a punk band.

TinmanSF said...

You write well & the facts are interesting!
I listed my 'facts' Hope you like them!
I skimmed your blog & intend to revisit when I get some time...It looks very interesting.


AaaDee !! said...

very nicely written blog. shud be visiting here more often :)

keep up the good work !!

AaaDee !! said...

thanks MJ for your visit to my Blog.!!

Cheers..Aaadee !