Wednesday, November 07, 2007

3... 2.. 1.

Three days left!!!!
I am looking forward to hand delivering my work Friday morning!!!
I am coming down with a cold and my heat went out...
so I threw my arms up in the air... called in sick got
a bottle of wine and I am out in the cold finishing my
sculpture for another photo shoot tonight. It has been
too cold to pull it off after work, and I have a lot
invested in this project.
Reality has also come knocking on my door in the
form of a notification from management that my job has
been discontinued... Of coarse... They are a Danish company
and they want the good design jobs in Denmark.
America the beautiful... Made in Denmark...
Our production jobs are being relocated to China.
I now have about 5 months left with my current
employment. So... when I am finished
with this... I intend to start my own business in
illustration.... I don't care much for looking for
work... I guess that is one thing we do still have to be proud of...
Freedom to speak, think, and create our own opportunity.

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Jennifer said...

Oh! The job thing sucks! I'd like to say, "Oh! It's meant to be! You're supposed to be working on other things!"... but losing a job always sucks even if somewhere down the line it's for the better.

America the beautiful made elsewhere indeed.

I think you need to make a poster with that sentiment.