Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Taming the Whirlwinds

The Electric Water World Gallerium is coming together... Surprisinly (to ME) pretty much on schedule!!
The Supply Closet is my first Target. It is Amazing how much can get Jammed into a small space like my tiny studio.
The past 2 or 3 weeks have been an attempt to steal away and sift through it all in an attempt to clear some space for new work. Putting my storage closet to work for me (by actually using it for supplies I am using rather than memories I am clinging to...) is my first plan of attack. Every thing that is not directly related to the creation of new work has got to go. Junkdrawers have been a big part of my life... I suppose it has to do with the information relics from the past trigger in our minds. In fact, many years ago I made buckets with lightbulbs and junkdrawer items underwater adressing this obsession of mine.... I am getting tough on myself now... There has to be a pretty good reason to keep it (or it goes!!).... Not just some wallowing in the past melancholy feeling... Since I believe we do live in a sea of energy... I wonder how much I am blocking energy from free flowing and building serious momentum by cluttering my path with all of this dead weight.
The trash bags and thrift store bags are filling up fast as I move into a clear and open work space.

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