Monday, January 12, 2009

Filming Electric Water Experiment Day

You're looking at the aftermath of hot light bulbs floating on water after cold water was poured over them... I haven't seen any of the film yet, and I am not in charge of the editing, but the Gallery is putting together a promo clip for youtube for my show and the artist currently known as Alexandros Lindsay.... who will be showing his work under the title FU-Utility in the space across the hall from me in April...
Gallery 13_2 artists - 2 shows... 1 event.
In fact Alex was kind enough to drive an hour into town in our mini blizzard today to do the filming. Should be fun to see what he comes up with. Last weeks studio visit to his farmland mega huge outbuilding revealed an equally crazy take on the way electrical inventions are meant to be used... With Alex the toy of choice is motors. Should be a pretty rockin' event...
Both shows will feature opening night Performance Art.
Special guest appearances in both poetry and music will be scheduled throughout the coarse of the show.

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