Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tornado Trail

Just as the sky before a lightning strike forms a plasma leader to prepare a path for the energy to flow through.... My Tornado changed the flow of energy around here dramatically for weeks afterward. People moved slower, time seemed almost to stop. It was a world of it's own apart from the rest of the city. After the electric company cut the power to downed lines I was able to go out and retrieve electrical remnants from the debris. One piece I wanted to have was a street lamp I found on the side of the road. Still connected to a broken pole I was going to need some tools to get it... So I went home to get them... less than an hour later when I returned it was gone. I had even decided I would just put it over my shoulder and drag it home if I had to... The opportunity was gone. I kept the image in my mind throughout the rest of the summer and carried on collecting the pieces of what has recently become Tornado Sky: Sunrise.... It is really about the flow of energy in life... Very complex yet pure and simple all at once. Today I am researching... How to bring all of the pieces out of the tornado winds one by one and help them fall neatly into place.

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