Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tornado Sky: Sunrise

Thank you to everyone who helped make this vision possible, and to all of you who cheered me on !! Most of these are pictures I took with my cell phone. I don't have any professional photos just yet. The Opening on September 25th was Amazing, Fun, Sunny and very muddy !! The days before were torrential rains at times and heavy wind. Outside of the fact that the ground was already soaked, the wind blew my waterfall right out of the pond and left a cute little swamp before it was discovered and turned off.
I am very excited about the future of this piece. The waterfall portion will be closed down for the winter soon, then next spring... New flowers in bloom & up and running for the entire season. If any of you plan on passing through MN, feel free to get in touch with me. It would be great to meet you at the park for a picnic :-)


Ingunn said...

It is beutiful Jane! Congratulation!
Best wishes from Iceland!

Miss Jane Mansfield said...

Thank you... Next time you come to visit we will have a picnic there and a bottle of wine :-)