Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I hate it when life gets in the way of creativity.

Although... Creativity without life is rather meaningless.... How about we try to reflect/compliment one with the other. When you find your true heart and follow it... the two will be in perfect harmony. You will be excited about each new day, Like a child you will play and enjoy the the discoveries and creations you make along the way.

1. Create a new Creative Time Journal
2. See what you can do with it

The Creative Time Journal is a project I started after my son was born (1991) and I found myself overwhelmed with responsibilities. A Creative Time Journal is a Place where you record increments of time you spend being creatively productive. It just seems like a good time to start a new time journal now... (2006)

If you haven't had a newborn in your home I will share this bit of reality: They are very demanding... All about me me me turned into_The baby is crying_Now what do I do?!! Many new mothers have shared this phenomena thats kind of crazy... When you finally find a minute to take a shower, all of a sudden you hear the baby crying, so you rush out of the shower to see what's going on and to your surprise... There they are fast asleep. Auditory Hallucinations-probably the result of sleep deprivation.

Being that it has always been very important to me to be very dedicated to my creative spirit, I really had to do something fast to hold on to a piece of myself. The last thing I wanted to do was to wind up being an artist that never amounted to anything because she gave it all up for the children. What is up with that anyway? Besides... Givng up never really presented itself to me as an option.

This journal is what I used to prove to myself that
A. I was very committed to creativity, and...
B. That the little bits of time that I was putting into productive creative time were actually adding up to something.

I had already discovered that I was unable to continue my work with Water & Electricity in the apartment since I kept blowing out the power in the building. Old wiring I guess. I had tried to rent a garage for a studio since $30 a month was about all I could afford for studio space. Then this Flasher Guy came by on a bike asking me if I had seen his dog. He got his cheap thrill watching me standing there with the baby while he joyfully announced that he hd indeed found his dog and proceeded to show it to us. Well, that was the end of my utopia of the moment....I went back to the apartment and decided I would teach myself to paint.
USING THE TIME JOURNAL... I discovered that much to my surprise... I was able to get 20 to 30 hours a week in working on my creative projects. That was actually pretty amazing to me since it really didn't seem like I had any time to myself at all.

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