Saturday, October 21, 2006


Honestly considering the intensity and complexity of the life I have taken on... I hope I am a Super Hero... Otherwise A. It would be pretty embarrasing... or B. I am going to fall ill with some godforsaken illness and suffer some horrendously devestating trauma while I lay suffering in some hell too ill to carry out the most important part of my life story. The one that has the ending where I live in a state of complete and total creative freedom to leave behind works of art and creative writing with insight that will inspire troubled souls throughout the ages of time to carry on against all odds to achieve the dreams thier hearts are relentlessly pestering thier consciosness with. Visions of standing outside on a cold sleety wet day under grey skies being beaten with a baseball bat come to mind... While all you were trying to do was get to your studio to make some dumb art.
So... Whats A Mother To Do???
Here is the list for today...
Well, since it's almost noon already....
Wake up my 15 year old and make breakfast
Then sit down and figure out what to do
I should include,,,
Mopping the bathroom floor
Visiting my brother @ the nursing home
Getting back to naming scans of my drawings
E-mail friends with my new website
Think about Christmas
Write a letter to Daves sister
Cooking (I finally got the oven fixed this morning!!)
Apple Pie sounds good
With Ice Cream of coarse
Reality check on the unmanaged budget
I really can't even afford the Pie!!
Get my son to work on home work
Call Lavonne
Call Shiela
A million other things too....

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