Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today: "I Am Thinking" ...about Vulnerability ....Content & ...Purpose

Today i am doing what I have done forever. Today i am going to ask myself some questions ...To attempt to pull together past experience into new experience ...Take an opportunity to re-connect in a very disconnected way ...Unravel isolation ...Lift one foot in front of the other even if I have to break the concrete off my feet with a sledge hammer to do it ...I am going to reflect and face some fears with flood lights shining ...Without a script ...Actually the script was already written but the only way to read it now is with blinders on upside down and backwards in the dark ...I am taking a deep breath underwater and breathing back out as if I were a fish ...I am laying myself out on the road willing to be run over (again) ...If there is an easier way to learn I certainly didn't take it ...O.K. so I am afraid of what I will see wearing blindfolds ...During the darkest days and toughest times, what still amazes me is that I am exactly where I need to be to get where I am going ...Especially when there is no supporting evidence to point even remotely in that direction ...

What I Am thinking about today...
Organizing my thoughts
Self improvemeent
Organizing my finances
Organizing my projects
Being smart with money
Self disclosure
Spending all of my time Creating
The process of documentation
Perfecting our spirits for God
Whether or not I should use a word that means so many different things to so many people so loosly
The spirit before during and after the human experience
Times in my life I have loved
Sifting through junkdrawers
Climbing to the top of the tallest tree with Jimmy Jacobson
Eating banana cream pies with David
My son stealing my nose
The barn in upstate New York
The streets of NYC
The time 2 fire engines and 5 squad cars pulled up to take me out of a tree during a performance piece
The time I got locked in a psych ward after a performance art piece
Drinking Beer
My punk rock band and friends
Playing with water and electricity
Using my yellow spray painted army boot for a pillow in the holding cell in jail

It is pretty obvious that it is no revelation of mine, but the reality of the physics of energy is that our spirits are an entity as yet undefinable by physics that are animated by and intrinsically connected to a form of electrical enerygy that I have not yet identified.
Therefore... When I pour water over lightbulbs that are charged with electrical current:
I am playing with fire... as always I reccomend that you do not try this at home. I am a self trained master of creative physics ...or something like that.

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