Friday, November 17, 2006


This week has felt as if I am living inside a big bowl of soupy Jello.... There is some sort of force field i am not in sync with at all. Balancing survival details during intensely creative times for me is soooo hard. ... But more importantly I think the awkwardness of the week is really more about incubation time. The things that seem to be giving me the most trouble are actually begining to work themselves into a further evolved vision of the show I am attempting to put together. INFO OVERLOAD_I have really been trying to ride it out ... This afternoon I did have a pretty good idea of how to Modify the installation that not only improves the charm and Maintains the integrity of the content, but also cuts the cost in half... which is a pretty big acomplishment.
Other new Challenges... Small, maybe... The space parameters have changed... Which really does have a pretty big impact on my original vision... and probably the budget too...
As for today... I am just going to spend some time allowing fresh images to fall out of wherever they come from onto the page and forget about it for a while... I_N_C_U_B_A_T_I_O_N T_I_M_E ...Believe me... My Mind will let me know when it is ready.

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