Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sumer Bug @ 18 Below Zero

O.K. ....So it is just the wind chill that is 18 below ....The bank clock on the way to dropping my son off @ school today had only 8 measly degrees below zero to boast about... So when it came time to sift through my image files to see what todays post should look like.... The Summer Bug wins hands down. Now I can just turn on my space heater simulate a warm summer breeze of coarse... and look at him as I daydream about all of the beautiful warm sunny days I walked along the river last summer. How Great it felt to be a part of the flowing river and the trees with all of the little creatures homes nestled and hidden in the branches. To see the tugboats drifting by silently with river rocks and green grass paving the way... with a glance across to the Island and the rusty old train bridge I would dream of the freedom of childhood. Days of chasing butterflies and cathching grasshoppers.... climbing trees with not a care in the world... and I vow to myself that I will visit there again as if I were a child, yet the days blend one into the next and I never seem to find my way... Now it is Winter again, and I am dreaming form a place even farther away..... From where I sit today, I am chasing other dreams. The dreams of my imagination. For 3 days I have done almost nothing more than write and sort words and dates and past events to juggle together in some fashion of order of what it is I have done and what I am proposing to do... and now , all of the paper work is complete and I am left with kind of a humorous task... To assemble visual documentation for a piece of art that doesn't even exist!! Not in the physical world anyway... Aside from words and ontological musings!! Tomorrow is my 45th birthday... I am going to buy myself a Galvanized metal washtub, fill it with river rocks, water and lightbulbs... turn off the lights and plug it in... Somewhere between reality and Photoshop, I am going to attempt to create a virtual image of the art that doesn't exist...
Seems like a fine way to hide away from natures hell.... Although looking out the window you would never know it today... It is Sunny and beautiful... even the grass is still green.

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