Monday, December 04, 2006

Week 5: Time Journal

Mon Nov 27 2006... 1
Tues Nov 28 2006... 3
Wed Nov 29 2006... 2
Thur Nov 30 2006... 3
Fri Dec 01 2006... 6
Sat Dec 02 2006... 5
Sun Dec 03 2006... 1

Total = 21 Hours

This week I am fairly confident that I have refined the vision of my installation and lived inside of it mentally long enough now to understand where I am connecting with it emotionally and intellectually... The house has been one of many reocurring images that appear in my drawings and my dreams. This is the central theme of my installation. There is a book by Gaston Bachelard I ordered called The Poetics of Space I was interested in checking out..... Well It finally arrived after almost a month... So as I am writing my proposal, I will be reflecting... poetically of coarse... Through the Poetics of Space...
Which is actually a difficult book to read... But it is a great book to browse through for the things that you find a personal connection to... It is also good for building a rich vocabulary... I am finding myself in the dictionary as much as in the book...
Chapter 1:
the house.
from cellar to garret.
the significance of the hut

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