Monday, February 19, 2007

Three White Horses

I pay attention to my dreams and live by my intuition. It is the secrets my intuition reveal to me that keeps me alive and excited about each dreary dismal moment of my darkest days. It is the fuel that powers the engine of creativity. In the past, I have conducted dream performances, where I would fall asleep in a public space, then when somebody woke me up I would tell them what I was dreaming.... All too often, I would wake up and not remember my dream. Today, I have gotten to a point where once or if I am really lucky, twice in a week I am able to sleep long enough to wake up rested and uninterrupted to the point where I can vividly recall my dreams. For the past 2 weekends I have seen beautiful white horses in my dreams. The dream state is Lucid and I am actively participating in what is happening. The first one I was walking my dog, and this small patch of trees on the side of a parking lot was filled with amzingly beatiful red foxes and owls, which seemed pretty unusual to me since generally, I don't remember animals in my dreams, then out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of white, and I took a second look, because I was thinking it may have been a unicorn, and there was a beautiful white horse. The next weekend, I woke up right after seeing 2 more white horses, they were both swimming in the ocean. The strange thing about the ocean is that it was in the form of a river, but the ocean current was in the direction of one river bank to the next. There were several interpretations online, this one seemed to fit the best... If the horse is white, then it signifies purity, prosperity and good fortunes. Then there was the ocean... It historically represents our great unconscious mind.
The dreams I love the most are the lucid dreams where I get to spend time with old friends that I don't get to see very often... I have to wonder if they had the same dream... It just feels so real...

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