Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lifetime Achievement


My Creative Identity is largely a product of 70's and early 80's East and West Coast Performance Art. This is especially true in the work of Artists who associate Life/Art as an underlying or primary theme. My heart is in the spirit of Da Da: Making Mischief. Turning convention upside down on its head.
In terms of life work, I am very involved with the concept of every moment of life being an intrical part of the work we ultimately create. In Performance art that translates into very innovative views of "what art is." Which ultimately is whatever we say it is.
In March, what it meant for me was to take a close look at what exactly was happening in my life and how it related to what it is I am currently trying to accomplish.
I was involved in a Value Stream Analysis workshop last week. For 3 days you are in a room with all of the people involved in the process of doing your work. Minute by minute your process is broken down to exactly what adds value to the process. In my case, with my creative work... it really comes down to the actual time spent physically making the work. All of the research and experience, supply collection etc.. are non value added activities.
The entire point of the process is to streamline your work process into a more efficient method increasing value added time, and cutting out as much non value added activity as possible.
My Time Journal for March 2007 is 24 Hours a day.
744 Hours Total

For the next 6 months I intend to calculate ONLY
VALUE ADDED TIME in my time journal.

Side Note;\:
********** Time entry accidetally Deleted: week of March 13.... 16 Hours***********

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