Monday, April 09, 2007

Seeing the Light and Watching it slip away...

Almost as quickly as it comes... It goes??? Not really, there is nothing quick about the way it comes. It goes with a breath in the dark and precedes you only in death. There may be another new start, even one after another... We never really know for sure. It is the time of clarity and pure vision that makes you feel most alive. When the paddles lift up off the face of the ocean out of the mudhole you have been navigating your way through, and you fly effortlessly into the starry night. Then there is a crystal clear moment in time. One you have patiently been waiting for. Through eons of darkness, only the voice from your heart understands. There would be no other need to carry on without it. Life and hope and dreams would simply cease to exist. It is for this reason we endure and carry on. For the dream to come true. The only true answer is to never quit trying. Against all odds. The sound of your heart is the only drum you need to hear beating. All other sounds, whether Chaos or harmony are only heard as a reminder that we are not alone in this universe, and the possibilities of composition are infinite and without end.
April 1st to 7th 2007:
16 Hours
In Darkness and Light.

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