Saturday, May 26, 2007

Caution: Hard Hat Required

In keeping with my current theme of throwing my arms up in the say, caution to the wind... There are many things I need to write about... But all I can think of at the moment with pure insanity going on around me is the Patti Smith concert at the State Theatre when I was 17 years old. After crashing the show and making a run for the front row with my best friend Linda, with security grabbing us by the shoulders to throw us out, Patti stopped for a moment and motioned to stop them and invited us to sit up on the side of the stage for the show. As I was sitting alone at the bar tonight (ok.. last night now..) after my brothers funeral reviewing the local arts news, I noticed that Patti is going to be back at the State Theatre June 26th. It would be nice to buy a ticket and sit in the center of the Theatre to reflect on the true nature of energy that propels our spirits to greatness as I listen to her angelic chainsaw heart rip a new dimension through the universe. Then, contemplate just what it was that she saw in us that made her stop the show for that moment in time to make a place for us in her world. Then I will know just what it is I am doing where I am today... and why.

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