Saturday, May 26, 2007

Construction Zone Update:

Electric Water World:
The end of May has finally arrived!! It is time for the Electric Water World show to open to the public!! Woo Hoo!!
You can find it here:
Drive around the neighborhood for a while until you feel a thunderous vibration shaking the wheels off of your car, or if you are riding a bike, be prepared to be catapulted into the stratosphere. Then look to the sky and locate the flying sparks. Follow them like the star of Bethlehem until you see flame throwers launching and poison tip spears flying at the speed of light. Now very carefully navigate your way to the water hose in the back yard. Locate the faucet handle and turn it on full blast. Run for the electric switch located inside the back door. You will have to be very careful not to wake up the watch dog (tiptoe lightly and don't breathe!!). OK - Now flip the switch and RUN LIKE HELL!! Oh Shit... I don't remember which way it is one is supposed to run before the Gods descend from above with lightning bolts in tow. I only know the path of least resistance is through the heart, and I have already been hit. Whoever said lightning never strikes in the same place twice certainly has never stood on the same ground as the Electric Water World show. That is exactly where I happen to be standing right now. Only it doesn't seem to be the show I was planning on creating.
The beautiful thing about having a creative mind however, is that when things don't work out the way you planned, You immediately create a new plan. Even more beautiful that the first. That is exactly what I am doing today.

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