Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Week 2: 7 weeks & 5 days to go

This week my dreams at night are getting to be vivid... I am waking up often... yet I seem to be tending to a lot of menial tasks in the dreams I remember. I have also started walking back and forth to work again. I really need the time to clear my head and think about how the rest of my application should sound. Between overtime at work, and responsibilities to my family I was getting to be a bit crabby!! This gives me 2 hours and 20 minutes a day that no one can really interrupt... PRICELESS!! The staff at the Bush Foundation have offered to review my rough draft, so I am shooting for the end of this week to have all of the pages ready. Thursday... Payday... which means this weekend there will be a lot of supply shopping going on. I am amazingly relaxed considering how busy my life is... I have actually gotten so many details worked out over the past year, so it is nice to be able to enjoy the process now of putting it all together.
It is also nice to blend the Time Journal aspect of my work back into my life where it belongs... LIfe/Art... they are so intertwined in my life that pretty much everything I do in this life is for the ultimate purpose of creating the works of art that present themselves to me through dreams and subconscious information. Ideas that unfold to my conscious mind pretty much whenever they feel like it. The best part is that I get to play with them and create really cool things. The process is magical.

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Jennifer said...

7 weeks and 5 days are going to fly by! It'll be interesting to read about the process, the progress and then see how it all meets at the end.