Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reflecting on the House of Chaos

Sunday was a day of reflection. It was the day I had to spend unwinding threads. To assess damage. Calculate futility... and most of all accept the fact that in all of it's shortcomings, the House of chaos was a true reflection of the disssss-functionality of the life I have embraced to create it. For one... the troubled window was certainly just that. The electrically charged vessels of energy lining the window sills refused to show their colors in the alley light of the city that drenches my back yard at night. Instead, it left a concrete vision... a bad window, which is exactly the opposite of what I want in my life. Then there is the matter of the Mothers taking watch over their little angles... In darkness... Somehow the power I dreamed they would wield over their empire vanished with the night sky. The empty water buckets remained powerless and all of my dreams about how to make it all right shattered with the first deep freeze... leaving me with a mess to clean up... only the bare bones remain waiting for winters soft cold blanket to drop over it's rough edges of pain.... It is with the spring that my hopes and dreams lie as I settle in to bring my most beautiful vision to life with the house of transformation. It is here that I will set sail in a warm breeze on a sunny day in winters heart and in springs return that my transformation will be complete.

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