Sunday, November 18, 2007

To do list for Winter...

Over the past 5 days, I have started drawing again. I have 70 new images so far. It has been about a year since I finished the Blueprint project. I spent a year writing about my work and began to create new electric water sculptures for my Electric Water World project. Now with winter approaching and my job ending in 5 months I am taking on the job of freelance illustration and graphics work... getting started seems a bit overwhelming at times... The to do list usually helps put life into perspective for me and my ongoing list of dreams...
• evaluate health and make appointments to take care of myself
in the best possible way.
• Work on winterizing my home and studio.
• think about all of the people who have been kind to me over the
past year and thank them with a holiday surprise!!
• Continue Electric Water World work as I get ready for
fellowship finals in the spring.
• update graphics portfolio.
• create an illustration portfolio and promo materials.
• register a creative business name for tax purposes.
• Oh... and the thing that got me into everything I accomplished
creatively over the past year... To submit a show proposal for the
House of Calm Meditative Retreat... which
I had to figure out how to present, since it was only a drawing at the time.
I now have an actual small scale version of the sculpture to work with... and
a series of work to go with it.
See... that shouldn't be so hard now... As the re-branding project at work winds down, I should be able to do a lot of my portfolio updates there. Even though The Danes are taking my job, the people I am working with here are being very supportive to help me in whatever way possible. Which includes allowing me time to put some energy into my creative future.
I don't plan on wasting a minute.

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