Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Static Electricity

I have a futon in my studio... during the holidays I had a chance to take a late afternoon nap... This piece from a sculpture I made around the year 2000 called "Fallen Angels" was at the foot of my bed... When I woke up it was dark, but I thought I saw a flash of light out of the corner of my eye... As I began to move the blanket to figure out what it was... I realized that If I shook the blanket around next to this piece... The lightbulbs would light up while the blanket was in motion.
(for clarity.. I will add, this was not a dream!!)

Flashback: a dream... November 28, 2006
I woke from a Lucid dream about
mapping out the future direction of my work... With a list of things I would be working on...
At the time it left me with a few questions... This happening with static electricity really has me working to put the pieces together. The only other time I have seen lightbulbs light up without being plugged in to a man made energy source was when lightning struck a tree in my front yard... all of the lights in the house lit up whether they were plugged in or not. Discoveries of this nature really affirm scientific thought that we are living in a sea of electricity. Personally I believe that water and electricity co-exist as the positive and negative forces that allow us to experience a physical presence on earth.


1. Static, Ground level Electricity, Earthbound Energy
2. Floating Electricity, Suspended Energy
3. Submerged Electrical Current, Below the surface, Buried energy


idyllopus said...

I was puzzling over this last night and returned to puzzle today.

Do you mean if you shook your blanket next to the piece that the lightbulbs really lit up due to static electricity? Or was this another lucid dream?

Sounds like instead they really lit up. How wonderful. Like a gift of an added dimension to your sculpture.

Touching The River said...

This is the real thing... no dream!!