Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The idea is... to heat up the water in the fishbowl and melt the hidden candles under the rocks relesing an array of colorful wax ribbons to the surface.... Transformation.
The fishbowl was filled up... Tossed the light bulb in... started timing and taking notes.... It took an hour for the top of the bowl to get warm... The lightbulb looked crazy wild through the water and fish bowl. There was a golden glow and then a very exaggerated clear glass shell surrounding it. I started around 8 pm... and by 10:30 fell asleep... I like sleeping in my studio in winter for two reasons 1. I love waking up there and thinking about my work fresh out of a dream state. 2. The attic bedroom is cold in winter. I woke up every hour all night long checking on it. By morning...nothing much happened except for an inch of water had evaporated... So for me... back to the drawing board. There are a couple of things I could try. Hotter Bulb...tapeing a rock to the socket so it is at the bottom of the bowl instead of the top... moving the candles... I am definately in the experimental phase of my new work...

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