Monday, January 07, 2008


2008 is the year of transformation in my world. The third house of the Electric Water House series will be an amazingly bright and beautiful, playful Happy magical place that you wont be able to come near without smiling a little as your spirits lift up from your heart carrying the weight on your shoulders away as if a little bluebird just sailed by with the wind and carried you away with it. The Electric Water World Gallerium is my winter workshop to begin putting it all together... The energy in my life is positively explosive... There is something different about this year in my life... I can feel it. By the end of January I will be finished with the Gallerium renovation and ready to start creating new sculpture for the House of transformation. I feel as if I have just finished a 30 year undergraduate Life/Art performance piece and I am collecting the pieces for my Masters work... Which I expect to carry out over the next 50 years... For some reason I have it in my head that I will be working until I am 95.... And loving every minute of it!!


Jennifer said...

I hope to be around to see what you accomplish by the time you are 95!

Touching The River said...

That will be awesome!! Then you can listen to me gripe about my aches and pains... Your Sr. Art students will have nothing up on me!!