Monday, February 04, 2008

8 Magic Weeks

Dreams are a beautiful thing... Whether asleep or wide awake, their colorful images are the building blocks of our futures.
As I pay attention to what I am seeing, which books present themselves to me, what colors are reaching out to me, what the images that flow from my hand to the pen to the page might reveal... What I am busy doing while my body rests at night, I am collecting the pieces and very thoughtfully assembling them, as I move through each new moment of my journey of 2008.... The Year of Transformation.
Through Metaphysical healing I am becoming stronger, healthier, more relaxed and fully energized to get the most out of each day. Not only for myself, but for my family and the world that surrounds me.
Sunday Was a day of magic for me.... The first in a new series called 8 magic weeks. These are the weeks I am preparing myself for Spring. For all of the new life and opportunity that will flow into the world, where I will be flying 10 miles high above the earth with a smile on my face living the life I am dreaming of.

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