Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to reality...

-23F windchill -40F tonight... and the window is open in the Gallerium.... why you ask???
I have taken to painting galvanized metal water buckets, a garbage can and my mothers old ironing board with oil based enamel paint... it smells highly toxic. Since the garbage can and buckets have spent a lot of time outside and the seams are slightly strained, I am going to need several layers of paint to seal them up tight. I definiately do not need 100 gallons of water flooding my house. which is about what it will take to fill the sculptures I am setting up at the moment... Do I have flood insurance???? How would this sound to my Homeowners insurance agent... Hi, I was wondering... am I covered if the garbage can I filled with water and threw a lightbulb with a rock taped to the cord underwater in should happen to leak????
Hmmmm??? Nahhh... Somehow I am quite sure they just wouldn't understand.

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