Friday, February 15, 2008

Wrapping it all up...

Detail image: Close up of wiring from the Electric Water House
The Electric Water World Gallerium is about to begin coming to life this weekend. With a predicted heatwave on the way... (33F) I will be able to find the nerve to actually haul the Dumpster and thrift store piles out.... and start setting up sculptures. As for the House of Chaos and House of Calm which were laid to rest for the winter, I ran off about 25 11x17 color copies today to put up on the walls and re-collect my thoughts on the work as I calculate the elements for the house of transformation. Last weekends dream was filled with bright colors and studio visits that were in a mall that looked a lot like art college only way more colorful. I have transferred the color into some of the new work I am putting together... Lime Green Yellow Orange Red and Marine Blue oil based enamel are on the shopping list.

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