Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Show & Tell

My 5th Grade Rock Painting project from Meadow Lake elementary school...
This is one example of just how long I will hold on to something... Considering how many times I have moved in my life, this is something of a miracle... or is it? At the time this piece was created I was already forming future visions of the work I was sure one day I would create. Which is kind of funny because it never dawned on me that I was an artist until I was about 16... Or that being an artist was actually a state of mind and if you were you were... evidently this is the case for me.
At the time I imagined I would own a house that is pretty similar to the one I own now... Only the entire house would be turned into art,,, which is pretty much what I have going on with the Electric Water House Series in my backyard.
For the moment however, I am jumping ships... Which is fine, because it is my Ocean and I can do that! So, while I am busy moving (3 times already in the last 20 days) I have already begun work on a new Electric Water House project called Violet. (Which I can do because I have friends who love me and are willing to accomadate the mad scientist in my spirit!!)
And the journal I wanted for my birthday... last December... I finally got it last week. I am writing and drawing every spare moment I have. Of coarse there are things that I have held on to for far too long now.. to which all I can say about now is... Let Go.... ...(which incidentally is an awesome song by a very talented artist you can read about and listen to with this link.) As for me... I am no longer a ship on a stormy sea, fully imersed in transforming chaos and isolation into tranquility and understanding. I am now the Steam Engine of a Freight Train Locomotive rising up out of the deep dark sea into an infinitely more beautiful galaxy.

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