Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Electric Water World Studio & Gallerium are Moving....

...New and Improved Transformation in Progress.
Please Stand by for future updates as I Navigate my way through Uncharted territory....
I'm getting the Gilligans Island theme song running through my head now. Although I think I am a bit further into the Three Hour Tour, even past the point of several mishapped adventures with Gilligan and the Natives. Even beyond several failed attempts at escaping the Island... In fact I may well be on my way home this time, However the tiny ship was tossed and the weather is still pretty rough... Not to worry, I am after all an Old Pirate at Sea... and I've got me treasure chest burried... deep within.


jill said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! You're my first from someone other than my mom or best friend..... made my day! art and internet, great combination. also glad to hear what you see in my paintings, very encouraging.

Your site is intriguing, can't wait to thoroughly explore it!

;D Jill

Jennifer said...

Good luck with the uncharted territory.

I was a total Gilligan's Island junkie! Even though their ship was tossed, look at what a long run they've had!

See you when the ice melts, indeed. :)