Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lazy Days

The past couple of days have come with unexpected additions on my doorstep.
My 160 pound dog.
The family car.
Both dropped off fairly well unanounced.
My dog is 8 years old...
From the time he was a tiny puppy we walked together around this beautiful park that is practically hidden away in the middle of a busy city. The fact that it happens to exist in the middle of a troubled part of town hasn't made it a bad place to be. Instead it is very well kept up and trouble free.
Seeing as Buddy was pretty nervous about his new surroundings with me... and the fact that he hadn't known where I disapeared to 5 months ago... I decided to take the day off work and hang out at our favorite park. I am still in walking distance so I figured it would be a good way to get him used to new surroundings...
The car and the dog were both a little rough around the edges... just a little TLC and.. Voila!!
The third piece of magic comes along with the fact that I can also get back into my old home and tie up some of the loose ends I had to leave up in the air for better or worse...
Someone has made a huge leap into what will definately be an extreemly difficult detox and recovery. My heart goes out to you... As for me... The journey is far from smooth sailing and there is a lot at stake for everyone involved. With much work ahead to even get close to Re-building Electric Water World... It was nice to take a lazy summer day off with a dear friend.

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