Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down...

My endings and beginings are so intertwined and overlapped at the moment I feel like I am 2 people split into 3 or 4... I had no idea how long this process of starting over was going to drag out... and I guess I still really don't have that answer. For Today however I am begining to see the light for the re-creation and continuation of My Electric Water World project. This weekend the Electric Water House came down... When I finish moving... hopefully next weekend I will be spending the rest of the summer setting up the new studio partly as a home for my son to finish school and partly for me to entertain my creative madness :-) While I have been seperated from the creative work I had in progress over the past 5 months, my creativity had to find a place to go... which quite naturally has come out in the form of writing, mostly poetry and letters.
August 17th I will be reading at the Turf Club in St. Paul for the Riot Act reading series. I believe aroung 7pm, however come to think of it I 'm not sure just yet when it starts... Maybe a good question to ask!!

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