Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Abstract Juggling

The plan more or less was to hit the ground running after my birthday weekend... which I suppose did happen in a way... however, the unexpected comes... well... when it is unexpected. For me it was the gift of reuniting with all of my beautiful and talented punk rock friends I have barely seen over the past 20 years... on facebook of all places.... so between the obvious distraction of having my computer under my nose as I am working in my studio mixed with starting an aggressive work schedule for my show and taking care of my son and the family dog.... I have resorted to my time journal again.... to descatter my brain cells.... after almost one week.... It is helping me stay focused and allowing me to see that even small amounts of time on a consistent basis add up..... Now for the drum roll please.... as I get back to work. :-)

All in all it certainly wasn't a total loss... The first week tracking with the time journal added up to 39.25 hours.
almost a full time week... Although honestly I am expecting a lot more out of myself.... So on to week 2

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