Monday, December 08, 2008

Life: As good as it Gets...

Jane pouring cold water over a hot lightbulb: 1988
photo: by Grant Hart

After much thought and consideration... I have decided to condense my 2008 Manifesto for life to a few brief thoughts that essentially sum up the most important elements for sailing through life on the cool breeze of a warm summer night in the dead of winter....
Empty your stomach and fill your Mind
Fully immerse yourself in your talent
laugh a lot
smile even more
when making choices remember...
the easy ones are guaranteed to be the least rewarding.
Examples are the only thing that really count, and...
The answer is Yes...
If the question is right :-)

And now for the intro to the epic poem that poured itself from my hand to the page last summer whether I wanted it to or not... as I was relocating my life to a studio with big beautiful windows where I have moved my son and the family dog...
to live with me while I spend my days building crazy Electric Water sculpture in the kitchen :-)...

A letter to the nights that won't let me sleep:
I am a womanizer from a past life back to pay for my sins
I cut my wings with jagged razors whispering in the dark
where God stands motionless refusing to answer
Open eyes blind running under the sun
I have placed a lid on the jar with a grasshopper inside
and sealed it up for my amusement
The moth and flame crawl under my skin
Under the covers
Under the ground...
as though I am already dead
I smell your breath like the acrid holiness of pine trees
while eagles storm my brain patching the holes with mud and twigs
Sinking like a bottle of gin filled confessions
to the furthest depths of despair
Calling your name out to a wall of angel hearts
made of mortar and brick
I won't pretend to understand it
Soulful erections spitting in the breeze
I on the other hand barely exist
I am part of a universal infinity of loneliness and poetic reason
There is not a can of gasoline on earth
that could burn the flesh off my bones
My heart transcends reality
Like Corso my legs fly up in the air at the thought of dumb luck
pouring fearless penance down the drain
It is the reason I can smile in the face of catastrophic loss....

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