Monday, April 20, 2009

Construction Marathon

Move it or lose it...
Yesterday I made my own damn life ring out of cardboard... after months of wondering if I should buy one or...make one it occurred to me that I already had it sitting right under my nose... Just to the left of my imagination was a box and some leftover paint.
Today marks the beginning of my last work week at home. Not too bad for a cold rainy Monday. Full of energy... Hit the ground running... Everything is getting moved around again now to make way for the final construction phase. First I drew up plans for 2 of the pieces for the performance stage... set the wood up to cut and spent the rest of the day wrestling with chicken wire. My son has been home for the last week with the flu... which also means I have temporarily lost my studio assistant. I have been washing my hands and everything I touch trying to escape a terrible fate... But since this is no time to get sick... I just won't.

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