Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Irony of Reality

It's moving day and this is a picture of what is going on... Yep... that is me propping the door open to let the dog out to take a piss in the rain... and take a cheesy cell phone picture of the Dollie I am not using... For moving day I must admit I am having a hard time getting myself moving much less anything else. The past 2 nights I have worked promo events at the gallery.... last night I got home around 3:30 am... which for a mom of 18 years who got used to going to bed early and NOT staying out all night... I just want to curl up and go back to sleep. So I guess for the next 10 min that is exactly what I will do... Then the inevitable... Oh and did I mention as soon as we arrive with the first Van load we have to clean up after last nights party???? Yep the one sponsored by UV Vodka, Summit Beer, and 8 amazing restaurants for about 300 people from the film festival... The highlight of my day is looking forward to Patches and Gretchen on the Current this afternoon... from 4 to 6.... I am going to carry my radio under my arm like a little kid with a teddy bear and a blanket.

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