Saturday, April 25, 2009

Angel Wings and a Halo

Today is Historic in my life... My son turned 18 years old today. He is the angel in my life that has challenged me in so many ways to be stronger and wiser in every thing I do.
The most trouble he ever gave me was trying to get him to get his homework done. He has earned his Angel Wings and a Halo... This is also the last day I have to work on my show before we start moving it in tomorrow. The stars are in alignment... I have seen it over and over again in the process of putting it all together with unexpected gifts that appear out of nowhere... like gold dust in the air. I had to make some very difficult life changes to get here... My friends really became my family in the process and to all of you who have been the sparkling glimmer of light in my life... This show is dedicated to you...

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Anonymous said...

happy historic moment.
You are single edition, and that's a good thing to be.
Of all the things I found in the CIties, your mind is my favorite.
emily carter