Monday, December 13, 2010

New Beginnings

There is nothing more liberating in this life than the fact that we have endless opportunities to start over... Make something new...Try life a new way... At times our lives move quickly and work is swift. Other days you could swear the air is made of mud. Those are the days that require the most patience and faith. Setting up new studio space and starting new work for me has been one of those days for the past few months. In the Tesla film I have been watching Mr. Westinghouse says to Tesla as he offers him a million dollars for his patents explains that you must be rich so you can be free to create. Ahhhh... but most of us are not. We face long hours at exhausting jobs yet our creative spirits pester us... reminding us we have another very important job to do. The one that is our gift to the world. To share our creative spirits with others and inspire people to carry on against all odds.
As I look around at the clutter of a halfway renovated work space, I am determined to try and make a difference today. The recent 20" snowfall and a car that doesn't want to start had zapped away most of my energy. I went to sleep early praying for dreams of sunny riverbanks where someone would read uplifting poems to me as I was too tired to read myself. Instead what I woke up from were scary nightmares. Yet somehow I feel re-energized and I am ready to take on another day...

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