Thursday, January 06, 2011

Is mystified apparently by conflicting mystical conflicts... Clearly the message is unclear.

I have been very restless as of late. Having recently entered into my 50th year at the age of 49 I am sensing a shift in my universal energy field. It is a bit difficult to navigate. I am reading more, clearer of mind, feeling a push to move in a new direction with work, trying to follow the leads and coming up short of a conclusive solution. Tonight I have been swept off the deck and placed back at home where I am planning on finishing the Patti Smith book... "Just Kids" I am also planning to fall asleep early and see what my dreams reveal to me in the morning. There is much work to be done. One thing I know for sure is that I will be here to do it. What ever the universe has in store for me.. After all... I believe I was the one who donned the blueprint for my steps to follow. It's the delicate signs we must pay attention to to keep us on track. Despite the possibility of financial collapse, I hold dear to my heart a Chinese astrological account I stumbled upon years ago illuminating my coarse in life to be guided by the universal law of abundance... There isn't a moment in my adult life and awareness that doesn't support it fully. I won't be losing any sleep to worry. I am confident that the changes that are taking place are meant to move me on to the next level of service in my journey here on earth. Patience and faith will take us a long way.

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