Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Last Nights Dream:

Back at my childhood home, looking across to the Sandvigs yard (The Sandvigs WERE the Brady Bunch, and there wasn't anything they didn't have.), I saw a bear standing on his hind legs by a tree that had kittens running around it and climbing the tree. The next time I looked, I realized that the kittens were growing up and had become bear cubs.
I was on a garage roof or in a tree or something, and I fell falling down a steep slope and landed at the bottom of a Revine. When I tried to find my way out, I realized that I was in a fenced in area and the bear was looking for me! It turned out to be a zoo, and I managed to find my way up the embankment and climb onto the fence. When I looked down, the biggest Bear I had ever seen was running by and I knew he wanted to find me and mercilessly eat me for lunch... It was just about then that a couple of people who worked at the zoo saw me hanging on to the fence and rescued me. The dream went on to getting ready to go to My Cousin LaVonnes funeral in Wisconsin (who as far as I know is still very much alive.) There was talk about how many people had died lately, and animals too... I remember hearing that one of them was Charlie, the Unicorn from Candy Mountain.... That is when I knew it was truly a nightmare.

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