Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More 5's and 8's everyday...

The numbers keep coming together... last friday... 5 Monday 8... it is certainly written in the stars.... I can't really convey the significance the way I feel it... so lets move on. Saturday I went to construct the house... Looked real cute until I went to stand it up. It crumbled like a card house. Sunday... researched carpentry... fixed part of the house... I need a lot more wood to do it right... Saturday night... my brother shows up in my dream... we had a great time together, then someone mentioned they thought he had died... then I realized that yeah... I buried him... So of all of the things I could have asked... I said... Did you see Elvis over there???? Strange??? yeah.. I'm not even an Elvis fan. Then when we parted ways I had a door from a building I was walking by calling my name. I went in, and was questioned as to where my ticket was. they checked the security at the doorway, and figured I must have been meant to be there since the alarm never went off... It was some arts meeting, but not very impressive if you ask me. Other news... I finiished all of the pages except for the Accomplishments catagory today for my fellowship application. I am still working a lot of overtime and pretty worn out. The miracle is happening somehow... but I just don't have the time to celebrate it with anyone. Figures, since I am so accustomed to doing things alone. One lesson I had to face this weekend was the one where I need to slow down and listen to others and wait for help. I'm not very good at waiting however and have cut a few corners again anyway to keep moving forward.

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Jennifer said...

Time is flying! How exciting. I'm sure you're pooped, but I'm guessing seeing it all come together will give you a burst of wonderful adrenaline.

Your dream sounds bizarre. I've had dreams like that before- you see someone near and dear who is gone and wake up and wonder why you didn't ask something more complex.

Did he respond to your Elvis question?