Monday, October 27, 2008

Everything is falling in to place...

Over the next 4 months... Electric Water World is going live. You are invited behind the scenes of my upcoming show... Between Air and Water.
My dreams are literally materializing. You will be able to follow the end of my year of transformation from Electric Water Houses to New and exciting Electric Water adventures... Step by step as the show comes to life.
As my sketches and concepts of putting the space together have begun their evolution... I find that everywhere I go, pieces are falling together from items I think of appearing discarded in nearby alleys to online research triggering a new and spectacular image in my mind to add to the show.
Part of me wants to throw this back in the Time Journal category... as I am dedicating a minimum of 15 hours a day 6 days a week to the evolution of this new endeavor... That is just my waking hours.... A lot of the work I do takes place at night while on earth my body lies asleep while my mind is set free... to dream :-)
However... seeing as I will be obviously obsessed with the new work.... I am going to give it it's own new category... By the same name as the show....

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