Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dream Window

Six weeks into unemployment... and equally as far into the planning phases of my show in March.
The next 2 weeks will involve setting up a workshop and emptying out the storage closet as well as finalizing the proposal, creating tool and supply lists & estimating time and financial resources necessary to carry out the plan. Minneapolis is rich in resources for the arts.
All in all at this point there are 8 sculptures, one installation and a performance stage.
The main focus and title of the show as well as inspiration for many of the pieces came... true to form for me... from a dream.
God bless the crumbling economy for allowing me to lose my job :-) ... The gift of time is oh so much more precious to an artist like me... It has been 20 years since I have been unemployed... I am not wasting one moment... I especially love the moments I am lying awake in bed in the middle of the night daydreaming :-)
Life is good.


Jennifer said...

Best of luck Miss Jane!

For some reason you and one other blog (maybe more, I can't tell yet)have fallen off of my blog roll... I don't know why! You're still on my list on the control page. Maybe your electric experiments are messing with the linkage. :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Miss Jane Mansfield said...

Hi Jennifer...
took a look at your page... on my computer I still see my name...
For the longest time I was waiting for Myspace to fix their music player issue and then discovered it was only missing when I used Safari. With Firefox it worked just fine.
Thanks for the good wishes.
It is a major undertaking... the gallery is HUGE... But it was offered to me for a solo show... I couldn't say no...
I am too stubborn and I never was any good at sitting still anyway :-)