Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The first Electric Water House Dream...

...was on March 11 2006... It was one of those dreams where the sunlight was brighter than it shines here... and full of warmth... a very perfectly balanced beauty... there was a fountain surrounded by butterflies... in the gallery where my latest art exhibit was about to open. This marks the time I see as the rebirth of Electric Water Sculpture in my life... Today... 21 days into unemployment, I am doing a lot of dreaming... asleep and awake. Last week my dearest friend called waking me up from an afternoon nap just at the perfect time to remember images from another gallery installation with about 12 18" square chicken wire birdcages in a perfect row from the front to the back 3 feet from the ceiling suspended in mid air. I remember hearing in the dream there will be Water in the bottom of the cages... and asking myself the question... what is between Water and Air.
After telling my friend the dream... he took a call on the other line and it was then I knew... it was Electricity.
The next 24 hours every time I fell asleep I woke up every hour or 2 with a new idea for a sculpture connected to this theme. At first I would sit up and sketch it out. Then when I was so tired I wanted to roll over and sleep... I would just think of more until I had to get up and draw the ideas just so I could sleep. Unemployment is good for me... I am working on a show for Spring to finish out the Electric Water House series and evidently now... whatever old and new ideas I can possibly put together before then.
I am taking my 6 week severance package as an Artist Grant... the gift of time... precious. Then I will deal with unemployment.

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